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Nathalie wins Athena Award 2016

7 December 2016

A short movie was shown at the occasion of the Award Ceremony, that took place the 7th of December during the annual meeting of Dutch chemistry. The Athena Award was created by Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) to highlight women who perform excellent research in chemistry and combine it with active outreach activities. The Athena Award consists of a prize of €25,000 for research activities, a statue and an interview in the annual magazine of NWO Chemical Sciences.

Link to the movie on Vimeo

Good Chemistry and a Nobel Prize

5 october 2016

Ben Feringa wins the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry together with Jean-Pierre Sauvage (University of Strasbourg, France) and Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern University, USA) for their work on ‘the design and synthesis of molecular machines’.

2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Interview of Nathalie and our colleague Tibor Kudernac with the UT News

Switching Mindsets

June 2016

The promise of molecules that photoswitch is increasingly rich, especially in biomedical applications. A feature article written by Andy Extance for Chemistry World.

Link to the article in Chemistry World

Nederland is opener and creativer

November 2015

A (very short) interview in the NRC Handelsblad

Link to the interview
Article in De Volkskrant

Twente leert moleculen de nanodans

10 February 2014

"Een nieuw materiaal maakt onder invloed van licht bewegingen. Bruikbaar voor nanorobots."

Article in national newspaper De Volkskrant, Monday 10 February 2014

Twente leert moleculen de nanodans - De Volkskrant, 10 February 2014
Jezelf blijven - C2W January 2014

Jezelf blijven

24 January 2014

De blik van Nathalie Katsonis reikt verder dan alleen slimme materialen ontwerpen. In maart treedt zij toe tot De Jonge Akademie. 'Het is een constructief platform.'

Jezelf blijven - C2W January 2014
C2W magazine